Tuesday, June 26, 2012

starts with a static, flat shot of a bathroom door opens and a disheveled, defeated young guy comes in closes door behind him....he's spent, no energy he reaches over and turns on the bath steam fills the room from the hot water he strips down, sighs sticks his foot in the hot water slowly submerges himself up to his temples stares at the ceiling, eyes half-lidded up to his temples he closes his eyes up to his temples he submerges underwater he stares up the world above shimmers and splits he breaths out all his air pushes forward and up and as he tries to break the surface, the edge of the water comes with him and splits apart slices around him, its shape changing color and he opens his eyes and he is somewhere else his hair dances with the water and he's pulled naked up and out and leaves the bath behind and he floats above it all closes he eyes shapes and doesnt care color and donest care color and doesnt care the end

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